Note: Login details will be send on the day of exam i.e. 23rd June 2024

• Student login process to access the Online MCQ examination. This involves three critical steps: the first is entering your username and password, the second is entering the captcha that is displayed on the respective screens and the third is selecting the tick box against the accept the Terms of use and privacy policy of the website. This is followed by clicking on the Login button.
• Once logged in Student Image will be captured, in this image student has to hold the ID card in his hand for verification.
• Once students have logged in to their account, they can see the examination details, including the examination start date, end date, time zone, number of questions and the time left.
• Students have to click on the proceed button, a pop-up window indicating the candidate details will come up.
• Cross-check the details followed by clicking on ‘I agree’ and student will click on the confirm button to start the process.
• After clicking on the confirm button, student’s system will ask user to allow the usage of a web camera.
• Once students allow the same, instructions will be displayed on the screen. After reading all the instructions, student will have to click on “I’ve read and understood the instructions, follow by the “I am ready to begin button”, to start the examination.
• This will take students directly to the online examination window. Students will view the examination timer in the top righthand corner, indicating the time left for completion of the examination. The main window will display the body of the question, including the question and the corresponding options to choose from. For selecting the correct answer, click on the bullet option associated with the particular choice and then select ‘Save and Next’.
• Students can also navigate through the entire question set from the question grid on the right side of the window.
• While the system automatically saves the answers, students can navigate through the questions using the Previous, Save and next buttons. In case students have a doubt with a specific question, student can choose the mark for review option and come back to it later. While submitting, the questions marked as “Marked for Review” are also considered as attempted final answers.
• The question grid will label the question number differently for easier access. The Attempted questions are shown in green, un-attempted questions in grey, attempted but marked for review in blue and un-attempted but marked for review will be in purple.
• While student attempts the examination, a remote proctor will monitor students conduct and be subjected to supervision. Therefore, students will not be allowed to talk to anyone or refer to any books or study material.
• Any violation of the same would fall under examination malpractice. Opening of any external tabs will also be a violation of examination regulations.
• Once student have completed the examination and reached the last question, the submit Test option will be visible on your page. This will lead you to a test summary window showing you the number of attempted, unattempt, attempted under review and non-attempted under review questions. The window will ask you to go ahead with the submission. Click on yes, if you want to submit the test and no if you would like to go back to the test.
• One you submit the test, your examination will be marked as complete.